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  1. All pro invented it.
    and its for sale for 400 bucks.

    here is what they say:
    [FONT=tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Left and right 4130 Chromoly Hy-Steer™ one piece steering arms - now 30% stronger![/FONT]
    All Pro Off Road

    now marlin has it too, also 400 bucks.
    here is what they say:
    eering kit features superior quality Billet CNC machined arms, heavy duty .250" wall DOM tie rod and drag link,

    Marlin Crawler: Selling HySteer™ Kits since 1997!

    heres what i say:
    i need it. i found a deal on a set front and rear springs. i need it.

    is there a difference between the two? is billet just a fancy name?
    what is better forged from all poo or CNC billet from the turtle?

    since they both are the same price, i obviously want the superior one.
    i figure when i call both places each one will try and convince me thiers is superior

    so which one should i buy?
  2. thats interesting. the above link for marlin says since '97

    all poo claims they invented it in '98
  3. M3TAL D0RK

    M3TAL D0RK

    I have Marlin... and Its working great so far. I don't know much about All Pro, but Marlin seems to have a good reputation. And Marlin himself is a cool ass dude.
  4. i have never met the guy.
    all i hear about him is really good stuff.
    he has been in 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine a few times. all they can say is good stuff about him.

    i am leaning towards his product. for two reasons, im buying a bunch of other stuff from there, and i believe their product will be better. but since im not sure about this, is why i made a new thread.
  5. M3TAL D0RK

    M3TAL D0RK

    Ya, I feel ya. The PO of my truck actually bought the Marlin Steering and The Dual Case adapter. They both work great... I say go TURTLE. ha
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  6. 2ndGenToyotaFan

    2ndGenToyotaFan Ice-Bound Moderator

    It's complicated....
    Billet means milled from a solid piece of steel, forged means pressed in a die I think... Go Marlin, he doesn't have any nicknames like "All Poo".... :D
  7. L:lol:L!

    based on this info alone, its enough to make a decision :D
  8. KLF

    KLF Frame waxer

    Southern NH
    All Pro is full of CRAP if they think they invented Hi-Steer. But, this is typical for Jon Bondurant.

    If you look up "billet" on Dictionary.com, it gives you a lot of definitions, but nothing to do with metalworking. Basically, Jarod has it right. When something is "billet machined", it means they start with a solid block of the materiel (steel in this case) and machine away everything not needed, carving the part out. If you've ever watched American Chopper, this is how they make a lot of the custom wheels for those bikes, which is why they can cost up to $20G each.

    Forging involves taking a slab of steel, then running it through a series of dies in very loud presses that "bang" it into shape. This is how most tools are made, look for the words "Drop Forged" on the handle. The forging operation densifies the steel and adds strength and durability.

    Which is stronger? Who knows. But I don't remember anybody ever claiming to have broken an aftermarket hi-steer arm. The weakest part of the system is the 4 studs in the knuckle, which is why TrailGear now has their 6-stud knuckle.

    As if you needed another choice, I have arms from Sky Manufacturing, they are great.
  9. D'Animal

    D'Animal Rescuer of Beagle and Landcruisers Moderator

    Central California
    I had special needs for my rig. Marlin sent me to Luke Porter at 4x4 labs. How cool is that?

    Marlin all the way!
  10. knixen


    Tromsoe, Norway
    I run the all-poo high steer kit, on my all-poo truck.. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: (got lots more poo waiting to be installed on my truck too... knixens all-poo runner...

    It still works though... ;)
  11. M3TAL D0RK

    M3TAL D0RK

    Hey, I know that Trail Gear makes a kit as well. Its 300, and comes with the Drag Link and Pitman I think. Just another option for you.

    Also, My buddy is running those Six Shooter arms, and they look beefy as hell!

  12. medtro


  13. thanks for the input!. :flipoff2:

    based on the billet, and good turtle reputation, i will buy from him.
  14. I saw that earlier. I dont know which ones those are. I thot they may have been all pro, but they say thiers are forged.

    either way CNC machined fron a solid piece is the way to go.
  15. KLF

    KLF Frame waxer

    Southern NH
    Those are old old All Pro arms, when they first came out they were cast, and yes that is a much weaker manufacturing method, if your quality control is not good. I don't think anybody makes their arms this way anymore. So I was neglecting these arms in my earlier statement.

    Marlin is the MAN, I wouldn't hesitate to order from him.
  16. JJS


    I would put more faith in Marlin's product than All Pro.
  17. fortysixandtwo


    N. California

    I would only consider trail gear products if you dont care about quality nor the safety of you or others on the road. Their products are cheap chinese crap and should be avoided at all costs.

    Go with Marlin. I have been running my Marlin kit for years and I even managed to bash a rock off one of the tie rods and it barely scratched it. If you have any particular special needs like someone else said, 4x4 Labs. Luke and Marlin are good friends and they both make superior products. All Pro is by no means a poor choice, but I would consider MC before I went with All Pro. Marlin's customer service is great too, every time I have ever had a problem with anything (which is rare) they have promptly set things straight and always hooked me up free parts/clothes to make up for mistakes. My friend got the run around with AP for two weeks and all they sent him were a couple of stickers to make up for their mistake which ended up causing my friend to cancel a trip he had planned months in advance. Overall neither is a poor choice I just opt for marlin because of all the help him and his guys at the shop have given me over the years.

    besides my home brewed lift and front bumper, virtually everything else on my truck is Marlin Crawler parts. I wont hesitate to order anything else from them in the future.:beer:
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  18. great.

    Thanks so much for the input.

    I ordered the kit from Marlin. along with a few other goodies.
  19. M3TAL D0RK

    M3TAL D0RK

    trail gear stuff works fine. you need to calm down.
  20. jtaco1


    Marysville, PA
    Agreed, I have not had a single problem with anything from them, fast shipping and great customer service. They are easily reachable via PM's, email and telephone, can't say the same for Marlin most of the time. I have sent several PM's to them and got nothing from them.

    My TG parts include:
    Hysteer, Front Hanger setup, Front axle rebuild kit, PS box Mount, Crawler adapter, rear shackles, rear u-bolt flip, and sliders. All great products that fit right the first time, no problems.

    It gets tiring hearing people harp on TG, if you don't like them, say nothing or just say that, don't go on spuing nonsense. Buy what fits your price and just get out and wheel. At least hysteer doesn't cost the $700-$800 it did years back.
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