How I can determine the cause of the tire sidewall cut

Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by jdlsantos, Jan 3, 2010.

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    Hi, I have a Nitto Terra Grappler tires 315x75 / r16. Around 2000 miles and one month of use.
    Yesterday, I went to Rausch Creek to run some trails on the snow. Like is usual, I down the tire air pressure up to 20 lbs. after a funny day I back the tire air pressure up to 36 lbs.
    I drive to home around 50 miles on the highway, and no problem.
    This morning, I found one of my rear tire totally flat, my first impression was that maybe the valve stem was broke by the ice, and the air come out slowly, but after check the tire on the local tire store, the guys told me that can not fix, because the tire have a sidewall cut "a very clean cut" around 3/8" long, this guys said that it was a tire defect.
    I bring the tire to the tires store that I bought just 1 month ago, with the intention to claim the warranty, but the vendor talk that is not a defect of the tire that follow his experience the cut was by a pocket knife, and the vandalism is not cover by the warranty.
    My question is, there are any way to determine if the cut was made by a pocket knife or is a really tire defect? for me is difficult to believe that was made with a pocket knife because, I live on a very quiet neighborhood.

    Please let me know if anybody have a similar experience?
    What do you think, is possible that a tire defect can have a so clean cut?
    Tomorrow I will try to post the picture.
  2. IdahoDoug


    I think your best bet would be to take it to 3 other tire shops and get their opinion - vandalism or defect in the tire? If they're all thinking defect then I'd take this info to the manager directly.

  3. jdlsantos

    jdlsantos SILVER Star

    Austell, GA
    Thanks for your soon answer very nice idea tomorrow I will
  4. Brian894X4


    I would imagine a knife cut would look different on the "inside" of the tire than a defect. A knife cut will probably show a very clean cut on the inside of the tire as well, where as a defect may show some wear or bulging as evident of belts and rubber starting to fail from the inside out.

    Also if you peel the hole out, you should see some obvious cut marks, verses uneven ripping of the tire, which would be more consistent with a ramdom failure.

    Does your warrenty cover road hazards? Some do. I'd say, they'd have no way of knowing the difference between a road hazard and vandalism. If they did, then nearly all road hazards could be vandalism. Scream loud enough, they'll eventually pay for the tire to make you go away. It's not that much money to them. And your future business is worth more than one lousey tire, if they're smart. Go up the chain....the higher they are, the more responsive they usually are to customers.
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    So you wheeled in the snow & now you have a cut tire......:bang:

    How is that a tire issue or warranty issue...... let alone a person can say "cut tire"

    What about a sharp rock laying under the snow coming into contact with a 7000lbs land cruiser tire at slow speed:hmm::hmm:

    Buy a new tire!

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