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High Horsepower inline 6 engine replacement?

Discussion in '60-Series Wagons' started by Rocko Tullouse, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Rocko Tullouse

    Rocko Tullouse New Member

    South Alabama
    Hi, I have a 1990 FJ62 and the engine just isnt giving me the power i want. I am planning on having it replaced and i was wondering if there were any inline 6 crate engines that will give better than 240 horsepower in the Fj62? I am having it replaced as i recover from having a piece of my skull removed over spring break, so i would like to have the engine ready to go in my beast soon.
  2. brian

    brian SILVER Star

    i don't believe there is such a thing as "inline crate" engines anymore.
    a 1fz-fe would get you close, but probably more work than it's worth.
    how deep are your pockets, or skill set, cause you'll need one or the other.
  3. sl33py

    sl33py New Member

    Emerald City
    most go v8 if they want the power. SOR has a "hi-comp" crate engine - about 4.5-5k last time i checked. Not sure if it is FI (for the 62) or carb'd for the 60.

    otherwise look at the 5.3 vortec as an alternative.
  4. scarydriver

    scarydriver Regular Member

    Napa, CA
    Well, if you're stuck on the inline 6, there's the GM Vortec 4.2L with 270 - 291 HP depending on application.

    GM Vortec engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Of course, I can't imagine it would be much cheaper (if at all) and certainly no easier than doing the Vortec 5.3L V8 that is so popular here...




    More here:

  5. Branch

    Branch Regular Member

  6. Spike Strip

    Spike Strip Bibo Ergo Sum SILVER Star

    Following the PBR truck
  7. slcfj62

    slcfj62 SILVER Star

  8. scott84

    scott84 New Member

    Gillette, Wyoming
    I would go with the engine listed in the thread above. It is out of a trailblazer great power and torque and light as a feather compared to the 3fe you got. Avilable in 5 or 6 cylinders.
  9. Benjaman

    Benjaman SILVER Star

    Oakland, Cal.
    If I were you, I'd get a wrecked late model 80, and transplant the engine/trans.

    That would get you over 200 hp and a more efficient transmission.

    For me, I like the 3Fe just fine. If I had the desire, I'd build up my 3fe to a couple hundred horse engine. I feel in it's stock state, it's got enough power. Understand I've been driving a 22r for the past 17 years.;)
  10. Rocko Tullouse

    Rocko Tullouse New Member

    South Alabama
    Thanks for all the great help! This is actually my first car, and as a graduation present my parents are going to be putting the new engine in after i recover from my surgery! Im not actually going to be putting it into the beast myself, im leaving that too some mechanics i trust, but where exactly should i get these engines from? im looking to spend about 2 grand total of my parents money
  11. Mark W

    Mark W New Member

    The Greatland
    2 grand? Call it quits now. You will not get a 240 horse motor swapped into your Cruiser for anywhere near that money.

    And really.... why? Is the rig built up with a lot of extra weight and large tires and used to blast through deep mud a lot? If not, then the OEM motor really has all the power this rig needs to work as it is designed to, and beyond.

    How did you arrive at 240 as a goal? And why do you feel the need to make this power with a swapped in inline 6?

    If you are dead set on more power.... modify the engine you have, or swap in a V8.


  12. slcfj62

    slcfj62 SILVER Star

    Yeah, $2000 is not enough for an engine swap, even if you do it yourself. Having a shop do it will be closer to $10,000. If your engine is running OK, spend the money on a new suspension.

    And good luck with your surgery. Sounds a little scary.
  13. RockDoc

    RockDoc my bad habit SILVER Star

    SW MB, Ca
    Swap in a manual, or swap in a 2F block under the 3FE head. Either of those will give you a noticable improvement for closer to your budget. Both would be real nice.
  14. Miloslavich

    Miloslavich New Member

    Steamboat Springs
    Toyota 2JZ - people tune them to 1000 hp.

    Nissan RB26 - Also 1000hp capable.

    are the suitable for a Land Crusier? LOL.

    would it be sweet to see someone do a swap? absolutely :D
  15. rusty_tlc

    rusty_tlc Dain Bramaged Member Moderator

    Reno, NV
    V-8 swap, it will not be a $2K job at a shop but then none of the other options will either.

    Sell the 62 and start shopping for an 80, between the sale of the 62 and the 2K from Mum and Pop you should have enough to get a well equipped 80 series.
    or an FJ40 that already has a V-8, or a FJ60 with a V8.

    I have a close friend that just went through this, IMHO the 62 just isn't a good place to start if you want a peppy ride.
  16. dbleon

    dbleon New Member

    Id bet if you do everything yourself and get good deals you could do a carb'd v8 for ~$2,000. This is the ticket....
  17. 930chas

    930chas Regular Member

    I am partial... I have a 780whp 2jz in a 2000 BMW m5 chasis. ;) There are more then a few 4runners out there with 2jz power-plants. YouTube - 2jz 4runner dyno I would love to see this type swap done, but honestly if it was me I would still go with the vortec.
  18. bcart1991

    bcart1991 Regular Member

    Douglasville, GA
    Don't forget the BMW inline 6s.

    The lowly M50/52 2.5/2.8 has been boosted reliably up to about 600hp on stock internals, the block can handle 1000+ hp.

    There's also the high-strung S38, s50/52, and S54 engines out of the M3 and M5. Those can handle 600+ hp reliably. Also, gotta love a 7-8k redline.

    Getting them wired into a dinosaur like a 62 would be... interesting.
  19. Heckraiser

    Heckraiser New Member

    The 2jz (non turbo) power curve would probably do pretty well in a truck application, actually. Plenty of torque and the higher-rpm cajones to really move on the highway. Even the earlier toyota 7mge beats out a 2f in torque above 2.2k rpm, if I remember correctly. Put a turbo on either one and you kill the low-end and you're not looking at a very truck-friendly motor. 7mge is a popular replacement for the 22r found in mini trucks and 4runners.
  20. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden New Member

    Fredericksburg, VA
    Yup. That's doable (assuming you can do the labor yourself). A carb'd SBC is probably going to be your most "economical" way to get 240 hp .

    The conversion parts (i.e. harness and motor mounts) are probably going to push you north of $2k though. Go register on LS1tech and some of the other Chevy forums. By purchasing used/good condition parts...you can save a LOT of money.

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