Help me fix my floor jack... won't hold hydro-pressure

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  1. My son was nice enough to unscrew the pressure screw on my floor jack. It is circled in yellow. Under the set screw is a spring and a round ball. I put the ball in first then the spring back in and tightened the screw down, but I don’t have and can’t get any pressure to build back up in the jack. The jack will not even lift its arm by itself, let alone the weight of an axle.

    I also need to put the cover on the hydro-fluid reservoir.

    Can anyone explain how I can fix my floor jack so it can build up pressure? I figure it is like bleeding brakes, but don't know how to do it with a floor jack.
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    Subscribed because I have the same problem.
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    either the check valve (ball and spring) is not seating properly, or you need to bleed air from the system. If you are pretty sure that debris did not get into the check valve seat to prevent the ball for sealing, the you should try bleeding. You can do a google search. I came up with different procedures, so you might have to try a couple or find a procedure specific for your model. The hydraulic oil should be at the correct level. usually you would extent the ram manually and open the release valve and vent the air by opening the filler bolt.
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    X2, that is my first attempt. Confirm proper hydraulic fluid level, open release valve, manually extend the ram fully (lift the saddle), recheck/fill fluid, repeat a couple of times until air gurgling stops, then see if it works.
  5. thanks guys! I'll give it a try tomorrow in the day light.
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    Based on my experience, here is some tips on how to fix your car jack / floor jack:

    Keep on pumping the jack until is finally builds pressure. The jack needs to be pumped a while to achieve some pressure. I couldn’t remember how many pumps were done, but as far as I am concerned, it took around a dozen pumps to get it in contact with the frame rail. Just give it a try and who knows, your jack can be up and running.
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