Hausfeld or Ironhorse Compressor?

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  1. Not sure what to get?
    Can get this Ironhorse for $149 or the hausfeld with accessories for $199 at walmart.
    I won't be using it all the time, but would like something decent that will last, don't want to spend a fortune.
    I would be using it for putting air in tires, and some mechanical work when it arises as well as maybe doing some grinding.

    here are the links to both, and thanks!

    Eagle Pump & Compressor Ltd. - Air Compressor Product Page
    Product - Ultimate Garage Air Compressor and Air Tool Kit - from Campbell Hausfeld
  2. Dirtsquirt


    Spokane Wa.
    The more the merrier

    Get the First one. Iron Horse.
    Its all about delivery. 3.7 cfm vs 5.1 cfm @ 90psi

    Get the most air you can afford. Once you get started
    and get a few tools. You will wonder how you ever got along
    without it.
    B4 long you will be frustrated cause the new sander or sandblaster
    wont run very long b4 you are outta air.

    I wouldnt have less than a 3 hp. 9cfm at 90psi in my shop and even at 3hp you gotta pay attention to your unit.
    piston compressors have a 50 percent duty cycle on average.
    dont burn em up

    PS Dont buy a compressor based on the published horsepower
    they play all kinds of games with that.

    Buy em based on Delivered air at 90psi. This will allow you to compair apples to apples and sort out the oranges.
  3. Ok thanks,
    So by the most air I can afford you mean the most air at 90 psi correct?
    I hadn't thought about that too much, that is a good point, I was wondering which would last longer.
    So even though the Hausfeld has a larger tank it will run out of air sooner because the cfm at 90 psi is less?
    Sorry just making sure I understand.

    And what exactly do you mean by this point? "piston compressors have a 50 percent duty cycle on average.
    dont burn em up"
    Are you saying you have to be careful how much you use it at a time?
    The fact that the ironhorse has a cast cylinder is good I am assuming?
  4. Dirtsquirt


    Spokane Wa.
    the delivered air is whats important

    The more cfm the better.
    When making comparisons you need be sure you are comparing the delivery at the same pressure.
    cfm displacement, is a bad method for comparison. it doesnt take into account valve efficiencies and chamber design. that would cause ineffiencies due to reexpansion of unpassed compressed air.

    Compressors aimed at the homeowner
    like these are at best 50 percent duty cycle.
    Run 5 min , Sit and cool for 5 mins.

    For you yahoos that are gonna chime in here stating that you have
    ran your compressor non stop for 4 hours and it still works fine.
    I say " good for you " continue abusing your equip and you will reap what you sow. Cause after all its only money.
    Buy one now that is big enough.. or buy one now that is not and replace it a couple of years (compressor gods be willing)

    Most of us with welders have abused the duty cycle..Including me

    Tanks of that size mean didly. I am not able to do the math right now as my formulas are at work but the difference in tank size will net you a usuable cfm between 80psi and 120 psi 6 cfm in my guesstimation or an additional use of 30 sec for a good quality 1/2 inch impact.
    I am not preaching just stating the facts on duty cycle for homeowner machines.
  5. ducktapeguy


    That pretty much sums it up. More cfm means more air which means less time waiting for the compressor to catch up.

    One other thing that usually isn't advertised is the noise level. It would be nice if you could hear each one. I would sacrifice some performance for a quieter compressor just because a loud compressor is extremely annoying in an garage. A friend has a pretty large Husky compressor, it's got plenty of power to run anything, but when that thing kicks on in his shop I gotta walk outside because it's like having hammers banging on a helmet.
  6. haystax


    Diamond Valley, Nevada
    Don't buy either of those if you plan on doing anything other than inflating bicycle tires.

    You will not be able to run and impact wrench and especially not a grinder or sander with those compressors. For the same money you should be able to come up with a "real" compressor from a pawn shop of craigslist that will let you run the type of tools you have in mind.

    Look at the air consumption listed in the specs of the tools you want to use and then determine if you have the time to wait for a noisy little 50% POS compressor to build air while you work on your stuff. Even airing up tires is a PITA with a small compressor.

    I just bought a recon Hitachi off of eBay for $175 delivered. It is this model and works very well for carpentry but probably wouldn't suffice for much wrenching - Hitachi EC119SA Twin-Stack Air Compressor with Control Panel and Couplers. I've also got a Honda powered Puma that doesn't exactly keep up with a 1/2" impact either but it is a lot better than the electric. Our shop compressor is ancient but a champ, can't go wrong with old and bigger than you think you need. And it lives where all compressors should - in another building or room!
  7. Yeah I could look on craigslist some more. I am sure they are fine for pumping tires!
    Thanks for all the ideas though.... makes you think
  8. Straightjacket


    I had a smaller compressor for awhile,simular to the size you are looking at,and it ran ALOT while working.I bumped up to a 7-60 Camble Housfield and it has been great.A little noisy would like to move outside but havn't got the chance.It still is a little small for a blasting cabinet,but runs just about everything else great.
  9. n2666s


    have an older 1995 C-H 80 Gal 2 stage; factory was been very supportive when had to replace the pressure cut off valve a cpl. of months ago...would go with them again......

  10. john_eckels

    john_eckels SILVER Star

    Columbus, OH
    Both of those appear to be baffle compressors. Piston compressors are more quiet and last longer.

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