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Ham radio licensees listen up!

Discussion in 'Electronic Toys' started by ParadiseCruiser, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. ParadiseCruiser

    ParadiseCruiser New Member

    I know I am not alone in the opinion that some form of reliable communications is as an essential component of outfitting as any other that we discuss here. Amateur radio is not the only, nor best choice for everyone, but does have a lot of features to offer that many are not even aware of.

    Over the course of the past several years, I have kept a list of the licensed hams that hang out on Mud, as well as a few other Cruiser heads that are not active here... but I know the list is incomplete (there are 20~25 that I know of). Now > 50 - Jun 06... and NOW over 100 - 31 Dec 06

    So here is your chance to identify yourself all in one place!

    The idea behind this is partially just curiosity - to see how many of us there are here - but also to have a contact list so we can bounce ideas around to better understand and improve communications installations & mods for wheeling safety, expeditioning, and of course for general communications (and, of course, the fun of it :D ). And, as a point of reference for others who want to get more info or get licensed.

    So, all of you licensed hams... post up! If for some reason you do not want to go public with your call sign, please PM me with the info so I can keep you in the loop (in confidence). If you have HF capability, please say so - there is the possibility we might be able to get an informal gathering together from time to time.

    Thanks to all! Ron - K6RG

    PS: If it's not apparent by your sig, ID your truck (most often used w/radios).
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2006
  2. FJ40_owner


    El Dorado County CA
    N6KML General class

    Hi level, high power 2m and 70 cm

    HF, 100 watts all band dipole.

    Lots of handhelds.
  3. dfmorse

    dfmorse New Member

  4. 82-40

    82-40 Regular Member

    Palmdale, CA
    KE6SGE Tech.
    2m hand held - rubber duck for walking around, single J-Pole for mobile & double J-Pole for Mountain toping.
    Icom 551d 6m for Base - inverted V (CC&Rs)
  5. Capt. Jim

    Capt. Jim New Member

    West Palm Beach, Florida
    KD4CNK General
    2M VHF and HF

    Small antenna farm until Hurricane Frances back in '04

    My wife is also a Ham and a Cruiser driver. She has a 2M vhf in her 80.

    KE4QNS (Technician)

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  6. Doug_S

    Doug_S New Member

    Olympia, WA
    KC6ZWY Here,

    I have a TS941 tri-band that I need to get into my truck and two 2m handhelds for talking around camp.

    I live in Washington though I elected to keep my CA call.

    Olympia, WA
  7. willie

    willie Regular Member

    Roseville, CA
    Ron, I'm in Roseville CA ( just outside Sacramento). KF6ICR - Tech license. I operate 2M and 440. Used to have a 220 rig that I used on a statewide network called CONDOR - worked great. Now Ionly use a dual band Yaseu for trail rides. Ernie
  8. mobi-arc

    mobi-arc New Member

    Scott in San Diego, KG6ZWE, Kenwood tri-band HT, 2m/440 Kenwood in the '98 TLC with a Radial Larson, and Kenwood TS-480 HF at home with a G5RV that my shit-head, real estate lawyer neighbors guilted me into taking down. Need to get something on the roof OUT of their view corridor.
  9. RallyDriver

    RallyDriver Regular Member

    Columbus, Ohio
    KC8QDV - Brett in Delaware, Ohio. I have an ICOM 2800 2M rig in my 87 FJ60. I'm currently using a simple mag mount antenna that I can put move to the back hatch pointing to the rear on trail rides to deal with all the foliage. Seems to work well so far, but would like to find a more elegant permanent solution.


  10. jonb96150

    jonb96150 SILVER Star

    S. Lake Tahoe, CA
    ke6gfb- tech. Don't use it much and the mobile normally resides in my 4runner. Two h.t.'s also.
    South Lake Tahoe, CA
  11. Tigerstripe40

    Tigerstripe40 New Member

    James H.
    KE7DMU Technician

    Kenwood TH-G71a Hand held
    Diamond antenna for walking around.

    1/4 wave external antenna hard mounted to the FJ40
    1/4 wave external antenna mag mounted on the 4Runner.

    Still trying to decide which mobile rig to get.
    (debating between an Icom IC 706 MKIIG, IC-2720H and a Kenwood TM-V708A)
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2006

  12. Cruiserdrew

    Cruiserdrew SILVER Star

    Sacramento, CA
    Ron-I'll send a PM in case you miss this thread. My call sign was posted this morning- KI6CXS. I'll do the final install on the radio tomorrow, and I'll likely call your phone # for help.
  13. groucho

    groucho New Member

    Arvada, Colorado
    Nathaniel, W0IIN--Arvada, CO

    General class.

    Yeasu 2800M 2M in my 85 FJ60 with a Heathkit 2M antenna on the bullbar.
    Kenwood TS-440s in the Shack hooked to a 8-Band Butternut Vertical. Made contacts with Japan, Michigan and New York so far.
    The 95 FZJ80 will soon receive an Icom7000 transceiver and a Hi-Q 5 band antenna when I get some $$$.

    3rd gen ham. My grandfather, ex-W0DW(now a silent key), helped pioneer bouncing radio waves off of the ionosphere with the military. He worked for what was then called the Bureau of Standards (now known as NIST) in Boulder CO. My father, W0DW(Former AA5BH), has been a ham for 30+ years. Basically I grew up with DA-DIT-DAH-DIT, DAH-DAH-DIT-DAH in my head. W0IIN was my grandfathers first callsign when he got licensed many moons ago. My father and I Requested the vanity callsigns in his memory.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2006
  14. blu 60

    blu 60 Regular Member

    New Technician
    Icom 2720H
    Comet dualband 1/2 wave VHF 5/8band UHF

    Herman Stude
    Houston, TX
    1996 LX450 with batteries and stuff
  15. Kofoed

    Kofoed New Member


    Los Angeles area. Number of VHF/UHF rigs. Did all the theory, won't do the Code :flipoff2:
  16. lowenbrau

    lowenbrau SILVER Star

    Calgary AB

    Radioless and shopping.

    EDIT Now with a Yaesu FT7800
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2007
  17. groucho

    groucho New Member

    Arvada, Colorado
    Todays amateur radio operator is a weenie. I made it past the code.
  18. Kofoed

    Kofoed New Member

    Before you start tossing around terms like that, the ARRL indicates you are a no-code tech, just like me. :rolleyes: Operating on 10m and 40m is out of your classification.
  19. ParadiseCruiser

    ParadiseCruiser New Member

    G & K -

    I do not believe the databases indicate the difference between code v. no-code licenses, as they one did (though credit for the code is still a matter of record).

    And though I went the route and passed the CW (code) test, I believe it is an archaic mode of communication. And as we know, there is a real good chance the FCC will relax the CW requirement for licensure to a significant extent in the very near future... so it will be a moot point.

    Cheers, R -
  20. ParadiseCruiser

    ParadiseCruiser New Member

    Thanks to all who have posted so far. The list represents approx half of the Mudders that are licensed, so let’s hear from the rest of you!

    As to my set up, I run a Yaesu FT-100D into a Diamond HV7A 4-band vertical mounted on the upper hatch.

    To give some idea of what is possible, especially to the non-hams reading along, this radio can transmit on all 12 ham bands between 160m and 70cm (excluding 220 mHz) using AM, FM, SSB, CW, or digital, and has a broadband receiver than can hear anything between 100 kHz to 950 mHz (except cellular, blocked by Federal mandate).

    That means AM/FM broadcast bands, CB, FRS, GMRS, MURS, aircraft, marine, weather, all emergency service bands, etc. It also has 350 memories, is a full-function scanner, and can scan any selected block of memories... while simultaneously listening to, say, the trail run frequency, repeater, or whatever you select.

    Overkill? Sure. But it does illustrate what is possible with a single, small radio and a single (or perhaps two) antennas. Unfortunately, this particular radio is now out of production... but there are others out there.

    Cheers, R - K6RG

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