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  1. JuanJ



    I have read that the H151 transmission is not so good. Why is that? What kind of problems does it have? Are they repairable?

    What is a good substitute for this transmission.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Whats wrong with them? They have been using them 1st as a H150 and later as a H151 on the turbo models and 1FZFE since 1990.
    They are now using them on the V8 turbo diesels with even more HP.
    From what I understand ,some of them had problems in the early 90s with synchros ,but that has long since been fixed.
    Plenty of owners have clocked up 3-400000 klms.
    They are fully repairable and not really much more expensive than other toyota 5sp.

    Maybe you are confusing them with the R151
  3. gilghana


    The only thing I have ever experienced on the H151 is when they are really beat up (like 250,000km African beat up) the syncro on 2nd gear gets very tricky... That's it - we never experienced anything else go wrong ever on them. The R151 we have had interesting experiences... out of 3 HZJ79s they all had problems (broken thrust washers IIRC) after heavy (real heavy) use. The same gearbox on numerous HZJ105 cruisers have never given a single drama... okay not so loaded but still not exactly "babied" by any stretch of the imagination;)
  4. Does anyone have numbers for the h151 5 spd, i.e., 1st through 5th.?
  5. crushers

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    Tara Ontario
    not a big fan of the H151, love the H55F.
    i find the H151 a clicky shift, the H55F is a smooth shift.
    the gearing on the H55F is nicer than the gearing in the H151.
    i have heard the H151 doesn't stand up as well as the old H55F.

    Rosco loves them obviously.

    personally, i would say go drive each and make an informed decision.
  6. I dont love them over a H55F but I dont see them as a failure. I once worked for someone wih a HDJ80 that took a beating towing heavy loads. The 1HD T blew up before the gearbox.
    Australians generally preferred the manuals models in the landcruisers and Ive yet to see anyone complaining about these boxes.
    I always found the H151 a nicer shift,at least you can change quicker. The old H55F can be a slow shift and even a new ones never liked 1st to second without a 3 second pause.
  7. crushers

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    Tara Ontario
    true, a manual is more reliable than the auto.
    as for shifting i have found the opposite to be true. i have no problem powershifting the H55F. now the R151/141 are harder to power through. the H151 is not smooth (in my hands) and i have not driven new ones but the ones i have driven are below 100K. if i had a CHOICE, i would go with the H55F.

    1st: 4.848
    2nd: 2.618
    3rd: 1.516
    4th: 1.000
    5th: 0.843

    1st: 4.529
    2nd: 2.464
    3rd: 1.490
    4th: 1.000
    5th: 0.881

    1st: 4.313
    2nd: 2.330
    3rd: 1.436
    4th: 1.000
    5th: 0.838

    1st: 4.848
    2nd: 2.618
    3rd: 1.516
    4th: 1.000
    5th: 0.000 (4 speed)

  8. Wayne or Roscoe,
    What markets were the H151s mated to the 1HZ engine, was this combo mostly in Japan, Aus and maybe Africa? Or was this combo more likely to be seen during certain years in the 70 series?
  9. I dont think the 1HZ ever got the H151 although it had the H150. The 1HZ had the H55F until 98? and there after got the R151
    The H151 was behind the 1HD T, 1HD FT and 1HD FTE and the 1FZFE and now the 1VD FTE.
    I can not remember what the aussie 100 series GXL had:confused:

    There is a list here
    TLC FAQ - 8.1 Transmission & transfer Case Ratios (All :1)

    The 1HZ was not widely sold outside of Japan Australia and Africa. Europe mainly got turbo diesels( except for a few 75 series) and South/Central America and the Middle East like their petrol engines,although they seem to have a good selection of diesels in Panama.
    The UN is probably the biggest single customer for the 1HZ.
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  10. Roscoe,
    I tend to paw at that list pretty frequently, just not today for some reason :doh:. Anyway, very interesting re: the market history of the 1HZ, although I think you will need to amend your info on South and Central America as we can never forget about our ubiquitous friends the Coaster buses. They came to these markets with the 1HZ instead of the 15BT. As perverse as this sounds that is exactly why I'm having one shipped here from Japan, not because they are not here but because no one ever let's one go to the wreckers. Thanks again.
  11. JuanJ



    Thank you so much for the replies. It is always goos to hear from others' experience.

    Like all things, H151 won't stand continued abuse. I suspected this but I wanted to double check.

    Wayne is right, it tends to be clicky when shifting gears. Takes a while to get used to. I have tried the good old H55, and it feels different. How much I cannot tell, for I have not driven it long enough.

    I will try whenever I can the other transmissions. An informed opinion is always best.


  12. box

    a lot of people get mixed up betwen the h151 and the r151

    the h151 and h150 are basically the same box with different ratios in 1st gear, the h150/151 are the strongest ger box that toyota make for the landcruiser range
    they are in the disel 80x, turbo and 1hz and they are in the td 100x and now in the new v8 landcruisers, they also came with the 1fz petrol in the 80x and 75x

    the early h151 say pre 1994 has sincro problems but they updated them in the later models

    the h55 only cam ein the 60x and 75x,

    difference betwen the 2 boxes are the h55 has the 5th gear bolted to the rear of the 4 speed (basically and h41 4 speed with a 5th on the rear)

    where a h150/151 has the gears all in one box

    the h55 are a honest box that handle reasonable work however once big tourqe is applied the h55 can not stand up to hard work

    i have a 75x with a 1hdft and went through 3 h55 before i changed over to a h150 from a standar 80x 1hz

    now the r151 is from a prado, hilux and they put them into a 79x and 100x, they break down at about 100 000 klm and are a small box compared to the h151

    if i am wrong correct me but i have learnt the hard way the h150/151 is a very popular box over here in oz for turbo conversions as they have the reputation to handle the hard work
  13. Dieseler

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    Richmond B.C.
    H55F also came in the BJ42 1983 and 84
  14. crushers

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    Tara Ontario
    so, to be completely clear here, you went through 3 BRAND NEW H55F trannies in your HDT75 series...
  15. I was talking Landcruisers and I forgot the 1HZ is common in the Coaster. We also have plenty of them in Australia.;)
    The Coaster is a great vehicle .
    We had the 1HZ/HD FTE until 07 and now they are all 15BT FE
  16. naghotch


    Amman, JORDAN
    very good info for me in this thread
    thanks guys
  17. cicak


    Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
    wah 3 * H55F gearbox's - wow impressive.

    each of my two jungle trucks run H55F's and no problems. mind you i have not reached 50,000k in them yet but they get a hiding in the jungle.
  18. Roscoe, yeah I know. I was more thinking about the engine info. You probably realize that I have more than a passing interest in this thread as the 1HZ that is en route to me came with and now quoting the paperwork "5 spd manual transmission"... Initially I thought that it had to be the H55f. Since the 1HZ and drive train came out of a 2001 HZJ78 it sounds like the 1HZ is mated to an H151. I'm gonna miss that nice granny 1st that I have in my H41 but I gain a highway cruising gear which is critical on the runs going from country to country down here.
  19. volcano, if the motor/box package is from a australian 79x then the box is a R151 NOT A H151

    the R151 is a smaller weaker box again

    the H151 is a really strong box we have them behind the new V8 desils in OZ

    to answer the ??? yes i went through 3 H55 boxs behind my 1hdt and my now 1hdft
    the first box had 120 000 klms, had it rebuilt lasted 25 000 klm blew up again and thirdly went again, the problem the bottom bearing in the box cannot handle the tourque these 1hd motors produce and simply let go

    apon putting a H150 (same box as a H151 but different first gear) i have not had a drama

    the h150 is factory behind our standard 80x and people never have a prroblem with these gearboxs except the early sincros

    the h55 is a strong box is re reced about 150 000 klms and looked after but the h150/h151 is the pick of the 5 speeds

    any questions or queries just ask

    i get the impression people are mixing the R box with the H box

    with the 79x with the R151 we are having a lot of problems with the at about 120 000 - 150 000 klm as they cannot handle the work and simply are to small a box for a big vehicle

  20. The package is from Japan.

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