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FAQ Thread -Hood vents and other methods for lowering underhood temps

Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by Romer, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. Romer

    Romer fatherofdaughterofromer Moderator

    Centennial, Colorado
    Lots of threads on lowering underhood temps. With the heat, been reading quite a few of them lately.

    Thought I would compile them into an FAQ

    First is TreerootCo's louvers. This looks like it is fresh from the factory


    Many people found vents and cut the hood to fit

    CorvetteFan did a great writeup on using Pontiac GTP Louvers.
    This was based on Summitcruisers install documented in this thread


    Citadel installed Chevy Lumina Z34 vents in this write-up

    voorland80 installed a set of 4 vents in this write-up

    eibach1 installed side vents form a landrover in this thread


    murf installed 100 series side vents in this thread. These did not require any mdification to the hood supports

    This is an FAQ thread, so discussion on the individual installs should be in those threads

    Post up if you have another install, feel free to link to yours or anothers threads.
  2. Atoyot1031

    Atoyot1031 New Member

    Aspen, CO
  3. Ebag333

    Ebag333 New Member

    Medford, OR

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