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engine degreaser recipe

Discussion in 'Workshop and Home Improvement' started by tltaylor22, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. tltaylor22

    tltaylor22 New Member

    My new 40th came from Arizona and has some baked on oil on the undercarriage. I've hit it once with some engine degreaser from Autozone and a pressure washer, but I want to get this puppy clean. Does anyone have a liquid engine degreaser recipe that works better than the store bought stuff?
  2. -Spike-

    -Spike- New Member

    IMHO Engine Brite works best if you don't want to destroy anything. I use the regular stuff, not 'foamy' or whatever. The best method is spray, let it sit for awhile, rinse, repeat. Rinse it before it dries. If you're lazy like me, just use it at every oil change, and in a year or so the engine will be spotless. :D

    I have used Zep heavy duty purple degreaser, which compares to Castrol Super Clean. It will clean everything very well and right now, but will cause rubber to swell and discolors aluminum and brass. It also eats some plastics and paint. I usually save the purple stuff for cleaning axles prior to a knuckle job, and loose parts and bolts where I have more control of which parts get soaked.

  3. gladly

    gladly User title SILVER Star

  4. Plowboy

    Plowboy SILVER Star

    a cheap alternative to a steam cleaner.
    Put a hose bib on the hot side of your household water heater. Purchase a hose designed to handle hot water. Use a Plastic Pistol Nozzle with a threaded end (usually used for garden attachments) Put together a Female hose bib adaptor to 3/8 to 1/4 IP and use an old brake line and fitting. Put everything together and you get a pinpoint spray of hot water that cleans off just about anything. Oh the reason to use a plastic pistolgrip spray is it doesn't get hot. Brass or any type of metal and you can't hold on the the sprayer

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  5. mminter1973

    mminter1973 New Member

    cheap oven cleaner works wonders
  6. john_eckels

    john_eckels SILVER Star

    Columbus, OH
    I have seen oven cleaner turn aluminum black. Be careful around the head and other aluminum parts.
  7. macneill

    macneill Rollin’ on 33s GOLD Star

    Your boy steam, followed by Castrol Super Clean®.

    I use that stuff on everything.

    DHONDAGOD New Member

    Got glitter??????
    Oil-Eater from Costco.... Puts Simple Green and Royal Purple to shame...



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