Eastwood Plasma Cutter?

Discussion in 'Tools and Fabrication' started by nat, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. nat


    Los Gatos, California
  2. Jetboy


    I have an eastwood 175amp mig welder. So far I'm pleased with its performance. I've through one 2lb spool and about 1/3 of a 10lb spool through and so far it's really been a sold performer. I'll try to do a real review this weekend on it when I'm watching football.

    Not sure if this can be applied to the plasma, but the little welders are actually pretty good units for a dirt cheap price.
  3. Healey


    SE Michigan
    I just bought the plasma cutter from Eastwood. We used it last weekend to cut off the u-bolts on the axles. Worked great, once you get the hang of it. I only have 110V in my garage and I had to play with the amp dial a bit to get to not blowing the fuse on my garage circuit. Once that was set, the plasma cutter worked really well and made short work of the u-bolts. Get a good auto darkening helmet and have at it. I put down a painters tarp under the axle to catch the mess from the cutting metal. Sparks all over.
    Next up are the front spring shackles since those pins aren't even close to moving. Glad I have it. Wish I had 220V in the garage to use with it, as that would be even better/faster. The Eastwood is 110/220V capable. And, like some other tools - it's only going to get used once in a while, but when you need it - it's the bomb.
    78 FJ0 project
  4. Silverado74


    Id go with a esab thats what I got my grandfather has and everyone I no has got so go for a good one unless you dont use one to much

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