Downey’s FJ40's Landcruiser 6 cyl. Fuel Injection

Discussion in '40- & 55-Series Tech' started by christianleeboy, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. christianleeboy


    Rowland Heights, CA
    Anyone running there FJ40 with Downey's Fuel Injection system? It's suppose to:

    • Improved management, lower emissions​
    • Improved mileage, improved performance​
    • Pressurized system, no float bowl hassles​
    • Automatic choke and idle control​
    • Automatic altitude compensation​
    • 21-22 MPG on FJ40 models!!!​
    (Downey Off-Road Fuel Injection)

    I love the 22MPG idea... if at all but as a California resident, what would it take for me to install the fuel injection? Any thoughts?
  2. Downey

    Downey SILVER Star

    Brea, Calif.
    (a) As a California resident, you would want to own a 1975-older rig to be smog legal.
    (b) Regarding the 21-22 mpg quote, that is not our quote, that is the quote customers have given us. To be exact, here's the tally: 4 have quoted 21 mpg, 2 have quoted 22 mpg, 1 has quoted 16 or 18 mpg (can't remember), and the rest have remained silent.
    (c) Regarding ease of installation, PM me your mailing address and I'll send you the installation instruction manual (16 pages) at no charge. Better yet, call with your questions.
    Jim at (562) 949-9494
  3. 60fj25


    Los Gatos, Ca
    At the bottom of the page (the Downey link) is this disclaimer. Not legal for use or sale in California on 1976-newer pollution controlled motor vehicles. Probably because they have not gone through the expense of getting CARB approval. So as a 78 California car you can't really run it and stay smog legal. Is that what you were asking?
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  4. CruiserStuff

    CruiserStuff Supporting Vendor

    Lake Arrowhead way to successfully smog a 76 or newer FJ40 with this kit? What's the price tag on this bad boy, anyway?
  5. Toyoda ALW Ltd

    Toyoda ALW Ltd

    Kariya, Japan
    so this kit does it include everything you need?
    21911-FFI Completed Installation Kit $751.00

    Do you need to purchase a 1988-93 GM 4.3 V6 Throttle Body, Computer, and Harness to make it a complete kit?

    $150.00 to $350.00 for the set for the above at a wrecker:

    $900 - $1100
  6. christianleeboy


    Rowland Heights, CA
    Hey Jim,
    Thanks for the information! I will give you guys a call... I did once visited your shop and everyone at the place were super awesome!! I guess it'll be a no-go for my 78... bummer :crybaby:

  7. badass


    ****, it only cost me 60 bux to get a tbi,harness, and computer from the yard! Makes me think i should start buying and selling them to make some money! ha:doh:
  8. RockDoc

    RockDoc my bad habit SILVER Star

    SW MB, Ca
    A 3FE swap (perhaps with a 2F block under it ;)) would be legal in Cali, wouldn't it?
  9. badass


    btw, as much as i love my tbi, i'll never believe that an fj40 will get over 20mpgs with a 2f.
  10. petescoffee

    petescoffee SILVER Star

    Walnut Creek, CA
    It could be if you install all of the smog parts off of the original motor and make it smog legal for the year of the motor. To get it approved you have to take it to a referee station.
    They use the block serial number for ID, then review the motor for all of the parts. The same goes for a 350 swap.
    I believe the smog laws right now say any car 1975 and older does not require a smog check not 1976. So, 1976 will still require smog.
  11. Fast Eddy

    Fast Eddy SILVER Star

    Morgan Hill, CA
    CARB also considers the transmission as part of the emissions systems and requires the transmission match the donor engine, so you'd need to swap the A440 auto from the donor as well. Not much room under a '40 for that long drivetrain...

    For diesel swaps the other gotcha is that the motor must come from the same class of vehicle. Diesels from medium duty (3/4 ton+) trucks cannot be swapped into a light duty (Toyota) vehicle. That means no Cummins, IH, or Duramax diesels. Mercedes, GM 6.2l, and perhaps a 6.5TD. I've seen a 6.5 in a half-ton suburban, but it was Canadian. It's not listed in KBB, so I don't know about that swap.

    I have not gone through this myself, but I have talked to a referee about it.

    This is correct.
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  12. F-junker


    Hagerstown MD
    Do you need to spend some money? A good carb in tune will do everyting you want it to. MPG vs. miles per dollar it is a total waste.

    I like downey products and they are a good company. I'm not knocking the company or your idea both are great. I fuel injected my CJ several years ago and it was not worth the hassle, fine tuning the thing was 10x worse than a carb.

    Something to remember, when your carb lets you down on the trail you can generally fix it, dirt, debris etc and get home. If you F.I. fails you then you are generally f*&ked and thumbing a ride home (if your lucky). Someone told me something years ago and I finally started to believe it,"K.I.S.S." OR KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. When it comes to these trucks I find this to be an unbelieveable truth.

    Good luck with your project.
  13. 71cruiser71


    Bringing back an old thread

    BRINGING BACK AN OLDER THREAD.... but i dont see why more people arent doing this? if you do get better mileage power and easier maintinence, i think this is pretty cool imo. but i would like to hear more from people about this. i wouldnt mind getting rid of my DD spending 1,000 on this kit and spending 2,000 more on other goddies and getting same mileage as DD... any more info on this kit?
  14. 68LC


    Pahrump, NV
    Has anybody actually completed this conversion and ran it on-offroad? Any comments on dependability?
  15. 71 cruiser: why people arnt doing it i think is mostly because of the cost involved in doing it, the time and the fact that those #'s seem unrealistic if you have been driving a F or 2F engine for very long...that and you can get such a SMOOOOOOOOOOOTH running rig with just a stock aisin carb thats been tuned right. and to top it all off i seem to recall a few people who wernt very happy with the quality of the kit supplied by downey. i have not ordered their efi kit, i ordered from them once and found that they couldnt follow shipping instructions, their product was damaged and their customer service just plain sucked when i called to tell them the part was damaged...

    i do know 2 guys who run their junk on home brew EFI systems and they seem to do really well on them, once its all set up right. not sure what set up they run though
  16. Shawn Russell

    Shawn Russell

    So Cal
    Not too sure about the tranny issue with the ref station. I have a 350 in my FJ40 with the stock 3 speed, and it passed the ref station...

  17. lcwizard

    lcwizard GOLD Star

    Miami, Arizona
    I ran 4.3 throttle body inj on my 2F in an FJ60 for four years. I sold it to a friend whose been running it a year now. I pulled it out of the 60 and replaced it with a throttle body 5.7 chevy. I've installed two others in FJ40's. Realistic mileage is 16 highway , 14 city. Best I've seen, keeping the speed below 60 MPH might be 17mpg. You actually will get better mileage with the 5.7 TBI V-8. I pulled a trailor with
    two dirt bikes and a weeks camping gear to moab behind my TBI350 FJ40 and averaged 16mpg. More than once I got over 18 in it. The key is speed, the 40 has the aerodynamics of a cinder block.
    Where they really shine is off-road. I've rolled my truck, they really will run upside down.
    It's not a cheap swap but if you're already looking at expensive fuel system repairs, it's probably worth it. If your motor isn't in good shape you will be throwing money down the drain.
  18. Trollhole

    Trollhole THC Moderator Supporting Vendor

    Mauldin, SC
    Downey has a really nice kit. They are very detailed. I bought some of the items in the kit. Like throttle cable and pedal as well as the intake. They all worked well. But I did modify them some to my liking.

    But like any kit designed for vehicles that span 10 years there are slight modifications that will have to be made in order to make it work. Best part about Downey is they have great tech support. Worth the extra cost IMO.
  19. Lil'John

    Lil'John SILVER Star

    Having dealt with the CA ref 10 years ago, the trans IS taken into account... sometimes though they don't look beyond "yup its an auto or manual" when they should also be looking for an overdrive.

    They scanned the TBI computer on mine and found it was for a manual tranny. They looked at the stick and said "yup, you got a manual tranny"... never mind the fact that the engine was 88 Camaro and the tranny was SM465:lol:

    As for the reliability of EFI, how often does a stock EFI unit fail beyond install error? As opposed to how often carb fails? *shrugs*

    Personally, I had more problems converting over to a "Painless" harness vs the stripped down factory one *shrugs*

    As mentioned, I think the biggest issue with the Downey conversion kit is the lack of CARB compliance for those who are stuck with smogging a car.:cool:
  20. fyresq


    Lake Tahoe
    I'm surpised Downey hasn't taken the time to make it 50 state legal which requires an endorsement from Cali. My CJ7 TBI swap is 50 state legal and can be smogged cause Howell took the time to get it approved and they provide the plaque and sticker so the smog tech can easily identify it as legal.

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