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Discussion in '90-Series Tech' started by jer1, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. jer1


    any one have a detroit limited slip installed is it really as good as they advertise
  2. TEPUI


    I'd get a locker instead. LSDs suck in my opinion. (although an LSD is better than an open diff)
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    We carry them. They are called a trutrac, and work well for a limited slip. They do not provide 100% lockup like a selectable (arb) or automatic locker (detroit, lock right). However they will offer better maneuvarability than an auto locker and cost less than a selectable locker. It really depends on your uses.

  4. Jetboy


    I ran one in the front of a minitruck for a number of years. Yes, I'd say they are as good as advertised. It's a million times better than any clutch driven LSD. I broke a number of stock axles with it, if that give you any indication of how well it transfers power. It certainly is not as good as a full locker for pure traction, but does work very well IMO. Especially for the front of a daily driver.
  5. Hilux


    Nashville Tn.
    I think some distinctions should be made here.

    1, it's not a "clutch pack" type ltd slip. It is a Helical, gear type. So it blows any other ltd slip off the planet as far as I am concerned.

    2, unless you are an EXTREME!! wheeler, I wouldn't want a locker in the front of anything I owned, especially if it was short wheel based.

    3, it is a viable alternative to a locker in front axle aplications. you would actually be able to steer with this, if it was in 4WD.

    Also, you are in 90's tech and I have no idea what you have, what year, and what it comes with. For instance, I recently went with a friend to look at a 200? 4Runner for his son. I found out it has traction control, a sorta poor mans limited slip. H1 Hummers, which are some of the best off-road performers have, or have had Torsen Helical ltd slips practically just like the ones in question. However, they ALSO had traction control. I won't go into detail on how T.C works, but I will tell you if you search on getting the most from any LTD slip, you will find out that "stabbing" the brakes gets them to lock-up.

    If you have traction control, this thing would rock in the front,,,, or rear of your model.

    It would be extremely on-road friendly and extremely tractable off-road.
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  6. fyi

    i'm going with an automatic rear locker and a lsd front for the 74. no air lines, air compressor or air tank or cables.

    it's the combo that works for me on the type of trails/roads i travel on.
  7. With regard to the Gleason-Torsens, I used to see them sold for Jeeps, etc many years ago, but now, with the exception of the H1, nobody seems to carry them. Is there a reason, and can I get one for a LC90 3dr Prado? Thanks.
  8. Hilux


    Nashville Tn.

    Businesses come, businesses go...they get bought, they get sold...

    They get absorbed, they get dis-mantled.

    I can't tell you exactly, but I believe G/T only sold to manufacturers. If they had an after market, or cared to, it prolly would have been different.

    Anywho, who cares....

    If your 90 is IFS, I believe its the same as a Tacoma...You should talk to he/ they can tell you better than I can.

    When you talk to him/ them, be sure to give them your make, model and year.

    EDIT: oh yeah, the reason G/T is gone has nothing to do with the type of diff. It's an excellent product. I though they were gone, but then I remembered they do the Audi diffs IIRC.

    T-1 (Type A)
    This is the original differential that was introduced in the AM General HMMWV (Hummer®) and the Audi Quattro which has seen considerable growth in other worldwide applications. This is our crossed axis helical (Invex™) higher torque bias differential.

    T-2 (Type B)
    This differential is only a few years old and adds a wide range of torque bias coverage for the Toyoda-Koki Automotive Torsen North America, Inc. product line. This type of differential is referred to as our parallel axis helical (Equvex™) differential which was designed to accommodate Ford and GM C-Clip applications.

    T-2R (RaceMaster)
    The T-2R is a higher bias T-2 torque sensing parallel axis differential designed for the more performance minded driver. The higher bias found in the T-2R, like the T-1, allows the transfer of more available torque to the wheel that can better use it.

    T-3 (Type C)
    The newest differential style of the Torsen product line. The T-3 is currently offered in a single or Twin Differential configuration (The twin differential has an open differential surrounded by a Torsen differential!). This versatile unit is ideally suited for center applications and is designed for those hard to package all wheel drive systems. The design of the Type C allows for a torque split other than 50:50 with a majority of available torque designed to go to either the front or rear axle.
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  9. Thanks! Now I just have to call them and find a distributor.

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