For Sale: Cummins 3.3 Turbo "Kit" 105hp 275 ft-lbs NV3550 NP231 35mpg

Discussion in 'Diesel & JDM Parts' started by StrongCo, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. StrongCo


    Decided to keep the engine setup - Not 4 sale.
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  2. swamprunner


    In The Brine
    You realize this is the non turbo model that makes 65hp?

    I just bought a turboed 3.3 from the same company. The turbo model on makes 85hp and 215ft/lbs stock.

    Just a heads up
  3. StrongCo


    This specific setup includes a custom mapped HX25 turbo with a "clocked" or fuel matched IP. The combination of fuel flow and boost profile yields a 3.3 that makes 100-105hp and 250-275 ft-lbs. We have built three of these setups and those are the numbers.
    We also build 4BTs and 6BTs
    The most recent 12v 6BT came stock at 190hp and 380 ft-lbs - it dyno'd at 507hp and 843 ft-lbs - it was a daily driver 1985 Suburban!
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  4. swamprunner


    In The Brine
    Whatever you say.
    Why not put a picture up of the actual setup you're selling? I saw no turbo on the motor thats why I made the comment.

    I've tuned plenty of cummins before and know how underated they are from the factory.

    Its not hard to turn up a pump and boost on these so good for you if you figured it out. I've seen them dyno'd way better than the numbers your claiming.

    and I didn't pay 3k fom mine...not even close.

    Wasn't trying to start a pissing contest with you.
  5. We just banned this guy from for the same reason. Something stinks here. Here is the progression my moderators out together...

  6. StrongCo


    Welcome to the "Witch Hunt"... this is ridiculous.
    I am entitled to acquire any parts I feel like and ask any amount of money I want for anything I'd like to sell. You might laugh at my prices or valuation but that's your opinion - to ban someone for life because I listed a series of parts for more than what you are willing to pay is insanity.

    I paid:
    $2100 for NEW 3.3 Cummins Engine
    $395 +shipping for NEW HX25W turbo
    $750 NV3550 low miles U-pull
    $250 NP231J low miles U-pull
    Flywheel/Clutch ETC

    Sub Total - $3,495 + Plus my time and gas money driving into various places throughout New England to acquire these parts!

    I have Phoenix Group mfg'ing the SAE#4 (short) to Jeep 4.0L pattern (3 week lead time)...

    So given the lead time, Money was tight for me at the time (sold something else so I bought a 1991 Toyota Land Crusier w/ blown engine (please see Fleabay - you dumba*s detective).... and decided that if someone wanted to pay me $4,000 - I'd probably take the $500 and not do the build. The Ebay thing went well - had several offers around $3200. I chose not to sell and too buy the TLC.

    The joint venture Cummins/Komatsu 3.3 does not use piston cooling spray jets according to Cummins New England - the part number does not exist, not on any HP rated 3.3 - EVER. I hope for your sake I caught you on a bad day and you apologize (not sure if I want to be part anymore with you at the helm....)

    And secondly Fawk off - I've sold alot of parts and bought alot of parts... if you have a question ask it, if you want to make an offer - make one, but to ban someone for life and then go onto another site to try and smeer a person - is just WRONG. Get a job, a life, a girlfriend/fawk buddy or something - you seem a bit lame and you are wasting my time.

    Here's the nice new HX25W going into my TLC - project which you all can be part of the build... unless ih8mud drank some of D-heads communist coolaid.

    In his world you can't sell anything unless HE deems it OK....

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  7. swamprunner


    In The Brine
    Thanks for the evidence andre

    I new this tool bought if from the same place I did out in tenn.

    I also knew you couldn't turbo it b/c my friend thats and engineer at cummins told me it wouldn't work. I was leaning towards the same thing you were and buying a few of the non turbos b/c they were pretty cheap.

    By the way I'm planning on putting my 3.3 in a 3rd gen mini. What tranny are you using for the 4runner.? r151/50 seems to be the only option without stacking adapters

    I think I'll send the doosh bag a message just for fun.
  8. StrongCo


    swamprunner - you and I spoke via PM and I appreciate your opinion/thoughts.

    I can't wait to build another 65hp 3.3 with HX25

    For someone that does not have the time/where with all to acquire a 3.3, HX25,NV3550,NP231...etc they may appreciate being able to purchase a package of parts.
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  9. StrongCo it's that we caught you lying a few times that was the icing on the cake. You said "never mind, I decided to keep it" then listed it on Ebay and Craigslist almost immediately after, basically indicated "well, my deal was uncovered here, let me try somewhere else." It's that you came up with these completely arbitrary HP numbers when you are basically slapping one turbo off one engine on a non turbo engine (which I've done before myself - I know it works) to create the numbers, and there is no way to know what the HP numbers will be. And finally are the piston cooler jets mandatory? Probably not, but you can't get too much power beyond a little more than maybe 130, 150 hp out of it without them otherwise you risk damage to the engine. And that it took three evolutions of the turbo (first it was a HX35, HX30, and now a 25) to get it right in your ad. As the HX35 is the completely wrong turbo for the app (way too big, would produce maybe 8 lbs of boost) but you were still advertising it as the best thing since sliced bread, then started changing the listing of what the turbo is several times as it evolved closer to the correct turbo, that showed that you were being deceptive.

    Basically it seemed like you were trolling for a sucker, someone uneducated, and someone to just trust you when you weren't even 100% aware of the specifics yourself. I even fell for it in the beginning and sent the engine listing to someone I trust as a retrofit into their Ford Ranger. Yes, it makes me look like a jackass too. That, and that you basically seemed to be using our site for commerce only without actually adding anything. Which you can probably tell from our rules (30 days, 10 posts before you can sell something) rubs us and pretty much any community the wrong way.

    And secondly, as it appears to be the 'business' you are in in (all be it not in any sort of large volume way) both this site as well as ours asks that people doing commerce for income (aka businesses, small and large) pay a fee to do it. It's only $100 in our case and we noticed it and you eons ago but let it slide so we could let you test the waters and see if our community would make sense and/or be a fit for you. Just like they are doing here.

    Seriously good luck to you. No harm intended but you have to be much sharper to sell these products and expect much more from your customers as they are intelligent and deserve it. I don't doubt that it is a good deal -- as it is. But the misleading sales and tactics burned your bridges.

    And finally, this is no witch hunt. This site is my home and I have been here a long long time - years longer than has even existed. It is a much smaller world than you think, so one more thing to keep in mind.
  10. StrongCo


    None of what you said justifies the way I was treated.

    I am new to Ih8mud but not to wrenching, I have experience in various swaps, suspension & chassis design, fabrication, forced induction... among other things - I am an Engineer by education & occupation. Do I know everything, never... can I make mistakes/typos (I think so)....It is the way you went about it!

    I am guilty of the same addiction/parts obsession as a lot of the other people on these boards - we buy stuff sometimes in larger quantities than we should or need and sometimes I have things I list for sale. I make money sometimes and I've lost/invested thousands as have most with our project & obsessions to modify vehicles...etc

    This series of parts will perform the way we've described, there are no differences in the reciprocating parts of a any 3.3 variations. The HX25 is very suited to the mapping of the 3.3 and will make for a more drivable package.

    I wish you had just contacted me to discuss - instead of getting all conspiracy theory on me....etc still f*cked up IMO....

    Maybe tomorrow I'll decide its for sale again - then the next day its not - I can do what I choose, and you as a Buyer can decide accordingly....
  11. machman


    Knoxville, TN
    The price you were asking is not at issue. I say all the market will bear +10% is fine, if you can get it! In fact, even knowing exactly what it is you have for sale, I'd still call it a fair deal.

    And that you might have decided to not sell isn't the problem, either. Your prerogative.

    But, other than spamming, gross misrepresentation of an item in the classifieds is possibly the fastest way I know of to get banned on any forum I've seen. And that is EXACTLY what you were doing before you realized that folks at weren't ready to buy a pig in a poke, and would happily let the cat out of the bag. So, you delete the info from the thread about what you were selling (afraid Google would get it and make it too easy for others to find?), and the next day after posting "Not for sale" on the board, you're putting it on Ebay.

    (Had a mistake on the original posted time.. Sorry, and here's the correction: You posted "not for sale" on at 09-16-2009, 08:56 AM, not the 09-14-2009, 09:15 AM previously given. Note that Times for postings at that I give will be Eastern time and in AM / PM format, but will display for others visiting the site adjusted for whatever time zone they have their computer set for. Times for eBay are always given as Pacific time in 24 hour format.)

    The time can be confirmed by looking at your posts in the (not) "For Sale" thread: Cummins 4BT & Diesel Conversions Forums

    And here's the closed Ebay listing: Cummins 3.3 Turbo "swap kit" - NV3550 NP231 35mpg NEW:eBay Motors (item 110434928915 end time Sep-21-09 11:51:14 PDT)

    Note that the only way to determine the starting time for fixed-price / best offer listings is to click on the "View all versions" link, which is here:

    Item Revision Details

    That confirms you listed it on eBay Sep-17-09 07:54:28 PDT, so right at 26 hours after you said "not for sale" to

    Even more interesting is that you were posting in this thread in a manner as if it were still for sale 15 minutes before you pulled the plug over at Was it that a moderator had stepped in and asked some pesky questions that were about to expose what you had and were trying to do? Because you were beating around the bush like crazy about what it was that you actually had until BobS popped in (but trust me, the "something is rotten in Denmark" detector had already been tripped before he posted..), then in less than an hour after he posted, you coasted.

    Violating terms of use (such as dodging the requirement for getting a vendor star if you're doing this as a commercial endeavor and not just a hobby) will also get you sent packing on most forums, too.

    And then there's violating the spirit of the deal. The classifieds are there as a service to the contributing members of the forum. Since attaining the 10 post minimum we have, you've had 3, count 'em 3 posts that weren't "For Sale" or related out of the 31 you've made since hitting the minimum. And of those 3, 2 of 'em were you asking for help, not you helping someone else!

    And if I were involved with the management of, I'd be somewhat concerned about the fact that on this board, you've yet to make a post outside the classifieds! (Why do I have "What does Marsellus Wallace look like? " echoing through my head right now??)

    All of which boils down to: Any warning, notice, or reminder that DieselCruiserHead, or anyone else at could have given would have effectively been the same as a ban for you, as you don't seem inclined to use the site for anything other than sales, and I seriously doubt you'd have gone for becoming a vendor, or, after the behavior you exhibited, that he would let you become one.

    Now, had you been forthright in your initial post, or at least made full disclosure of what it was, exactly, that you were selling once the questions started coming, you'd probably have sold the thing over there, if you'd wanted to. And if you'd included the information you've provided here (such as the piston coolers not being on turbo models - but until I get an engine serial number of a turbo spec 3.3 to confirm they don't have 'em, I'm going to withhold saying I'm wrong on that, as it'd be the first modern variable speed / load turbo diesel I've seen without 'em..) you might have moved it really quick, and I can guarantee there wouldn't have been all the drama that ensued.

  12. StrongCo


    Nice first post - it we are counting posts...

    Again - I am new to the Forum and quite frankly new to Toyota's so never joined ih8mud years ago...Glad you can count my posts... but not sure I see the point unless I was violating some rules about number of posts which I do not think I was (open to being corrected though)?

    Regarding, Pig's in Pokes, cats in bags, Marsellus Wallace or any other fictional characters again - not sure I am seeing any connection... I listed some parts for sale as I did not think I had the money to do the build with a 3.3..... Then we sold some things - including our 2007 FJ Cruiser so I was into some funds again (I have signed bills of sale and payoffs to prove it - since I feel like I am on TRIAL).... Decided not sell it on 4btswaps and some other boards - pulled the ads as I thought I could do the build.

    Basically this whole time I am on the fence about doing the build - time, money, effort, season change...etc


    I am not a business, I have projects like anyone else... seems to me that part of a 4x4 forum is the trading of parts and ideas... etc - I like looking at what people are selling and determining for myself if I find value in it... I recently bought a 10+ton Military HEMMT / AT422 type rear steer axle, no reason just caught my eye on a government website and it was close to a buddy of mine's house...

    These were/are great parts.... So I talk to my credit union about loaning on a non-running 1991 Land Cruiser and they about laugh me out of the office (lending world is upside down right now FWIW) -

    So sort of defeated (not used to getting shot down for loan) - figure ah I through it on ebay and if someone pays the "price" I'll sell it and have some more $$$ towards replacing the FJ... No one acts - I sell two snowmobiles and have the $5K to build the TLC. TLC is in transit from El Segundo as I waste more time responding to every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to roast someone for waffling about a sale.

    Fawk - you guys I am so tired of explaining myself, trying to reason with unreasonable perspectives.

    Bottom line Is -- I listed something (I think is valuable) someone else may disagree, took the listing off, some events occurred in my life, re-listed it (honestly thought about re-listing on 4bt etc but figured that would look stupid - that certainly did not work out in my favor).... I made no effort to hide any listings, was never worried about your detective time-stamp methodology...

    I never ducted any questions and am always more then happy to help in any way I could, my life has been busy and I have not spent much time on forums posting other than buying stuff (which I do as much as sell) and people are upset at me for not contributing maybe shoot me a PM or something and say just that... But all of this is uncalled for.

    So your claim(s) is I was deceptively selling quality fairly priced parts... make sense to me.
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  13. machman


    Knoxville, TN
    Well, I do admit that anymore it seems like a month goes by every time I blink, but I'd not describe being a member of a forum since 2007 as "New" in 2009.

    And, since we're looking at first posts.. Yours here was to sell your TOYOTA. In 2007. So maybe not so new to Toyota, either. (Though I will admit that the Wallet Crushers are a bit different from the Hi Lux stuff.)

    No, I don't think you violated any hard rules WRT post counts, but as I said (or tried to) there's a ethical element involved.

    It's like something that I experienced in my youth: The local country store.

    One thing they usually had inside was a big cork board where if you wanted to sell something, buy something, or trade, you could put a 3x5 card with the info about it on there. Now, they had rules, but they never really had to be said, as you were expected to use it in good faith. And one of those rules was that it was there as a service to their customers.

    If all you ever did was to run in and put up a card for something for sale and run back out, never stopping to at least say hello, maybe buy a Coke or a pack of gum, chat with some of the other folks in the store.. You might not be so welcome to post your stuff for sale after a while.

    One of the other things was that you had better not try to call what you're selling something that it isn't.

    Now, as for violations of rules on this board, I did find this of interest: - Announcements in Forum : Classified Ads

    And, since you have plead inexperience with this format, I'll say that such guidelines are quite normal on forums (and those listed match closely those of many other forums I've seen).

    Reading through them and looking at this thread, I see three likely violations, one of which I'm actively participating in by making this post.

    If you're using someone else's venue, then yes, it is ABSOLUTELY their business HOW you sell something there. That's also why they are able to set the aforementioned standards of conduct and police the actions of persons using them: It's their house.

    And it's also very much the business of those that you might be trying to sell your items to...

    I'm sorry that your education and life experience has been so lacking as to leave you not able to connect the dots on the first two. Maybe some Google time on the etymology or history of the phrases might enlighten you as to their applicability to the discussion at hand.

    And I also apologize for attempting to find a humorous and polite way of saying what someone who runs a forum might feel is happening to them by way of a pop culture reference.. (Wait, that was 1994, though. 15 more years gone in a flash.. Ugh.)

    The more I read from you, the more that sounds like the case.

    But here's something fresh off the wire:

    We're ALL in business, to some degree. Now, maybe not at a level that would necessitate calling oneself a vendor on a site, but if you're selling (or buying) anything, you are effectively performing a business transaction with another person.

    The rule I was taught about such things was to treat the buyer as you would expect to be treated. Be up front about what you are selling, leaving the buyer no cause for legitimate complaint.

    Actually, I think that's a very accurate and concise summary. If you don't understand it now, I guess there's always hope for enlightenment in the future.
  14. StrongCo


    I am tired of arguing - a few years with Toyota is "new" to me. It looked like you had 1 post and join date said 2009? as shown in this thread.....) - you seem well spoken and well versed in forums - so I found/find it hard to believe you just joined ih8mud and that was your first post... possible you are posting under this new name for some reason.... does not bother me either way. I simply read what you right and go from there.

    Characters/Culture - I fully understand the reference just disagreeing with your application of the cultural suitability of the usage.

    Something fresh of the wire: there is more to life than typing on a keyboard, acting nasty/tough behind a computer screen and pompously spouting off. Again, correct or appropriate response to anyone's sensitivity as to my amounts/types of posts and just using the cork board for selling - might better have been served via PM....

    Your opinions about the moderators having a role in what is for sale is absolutely accurate... you took my statement to an extremity to prove your point but I agree with what you are saying.

    How presumptuous to infer my level of education and experience... At least you make me laugh...

    Not once have I insulted anyone - just waffled about selling some quality parts and you guys did not "like" they way I waffle.... To insult me, call me names, and continue the unfounded negative remarks is uncalled for.
  15. holy *****
    i didnt read everything.

    my 2cent, and i dont want to get involved any further: the 4bt forums are over moderated for 'vendors'.

    my buddys thread was butchered due to claims for aledge violations

    continue to feel free to censor internet postings, since its your duty...

    some suzuki mech might say you cant install a vw motor in suzuki, but some kid in a backyard will git'er done
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