chopped tires caused by tie rod?

Discussion in '100-Series Cruisers' started by sum4all, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. sum4all


    Is this true? I took my 99 in today for a routine balance, rotate, and align. I have been religious on rotating the tires at about 6k. Today, they tell me that the rear tires are chopped and that they didn't recommend rotating the tires. When I pressed further what can cause that, they told me I had a bad tie rod and may have caused it all this time. In the past set of tires, I also had chopped tires, but they told me it was bad shocks. So before I got the new tires, I replaced all shocks. Now, with about 15-20k into the Yokohamas, I'm being told that it's chopped again. What's the deal? Really, what is the cause of chopping? And is it common in the hundy's because of its weight? Some answers would be appreciated before I plow more money into something that I don't know will or won't fix it.

  2. NMuzj100


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    We could use some pictures of the tires for diagnosis. What kind of shocks did you have installed ?

    Did they say what was wrong with the tie rod ?

    Is the tie rod the "lateral control bar" or the "rear stabilizer bar" ?

    I would do an inspection of the whole rear axle and all it's suspension parts before putting on a new set of tires.

    I have noticed worn and loose cushions on my rear stabilizer bar. Probably time to replace them.
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  3. Skidoo

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    Doesn't sound right. Tie rod is in front on steering. Had not heard of an issue with 100's.
    By chopped do you mean some metal part is contacting tire?
  4. FullyLitLED


    Never heard of this issue, pictures would somehow help solve the problem though!
  5. jwagner


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    got see pics. but yes worn, loose, or broken suspension components causes mis-alignment resulting in unusual tire wear.
    -once the tire is worn theres no going back. it will continue to wear unevenly.
    -unfortunatly your only real option is to get an alignment. have them diagnose the real issue. fix that and align. then get new tires.
    -the new tires and alignment should be hand-in-hand.
    -ive found that while a "specialty" frame/alignment shop is more expensive they will correct all alignment issues. while some tire stores give you the "toe-n-go". i would buy the tires at schwabies or somewhere for the price/warranty.
  6. 4Peanut


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    Do you mean "cupped?" It is possible that the tires became cupped while on the front and was only noticed after you rotated them to the rear. IIRC, cupping is caused by improper toe, and is definitely a front end alignment issue.
  7. sum4all


    thanks for all the replies. Yes, 4Peanut, they are cupped. They used the term "chopped" but interchangeably used cupped. Anyways, the cupping or chopping could have happened the last time I rotated the tires with the tire people not telling me that it was cupping. But I guess as Jwagner stated, once it started (cupping), it's not going back to it's original state. I do get an alignment when I get the tires rotated. What kind of alignment, not sure. All I know is that they use some laser thing that sits in front of the truck (with an attachment on the tires) and they adjust looking into a computer. So the big question is, does the tie rod cause the cupping or is it something else that can cause it? When I had a tie rod go bad on my wife's car, I really felt it. It shuddered the steering wheel after 60 mph. But I don't feel that same feeling with the truck. So it's really puzzling me if it's really the tie rod or something else.

    oh I'll see if I can take some pictures for the ones that requested.

    thanks again

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