building a landcruiser for overland expedition

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  1. Customizing a Landcruiser for Overland Expedition

    We are very happy to announce that Laser Cutting NorthWest will sponsor
    the building of our overland expedition vehicle by providing state of
    the art technology and LCNW creative input. Our part will be to
    provide our own labor. This is a great arrangement for us because we
    still get to build our cruiser. LCNW is located in Auburn, Washington,
    here is their website LCNW - Laser Cutting NW

    We arrived in Auburn, Washington on August 17th, the following day
    August 18th, we got to work at the LCNW facility building our cruiser.
    Our plan is to be here until September 1st (14 days). This is what we
    plan to accomplished:

    1. rebuild the camper shell so that it is completely made of aluminum.

    2. build a fuel tank made of aluminum and relocate the fuel tank to
    the center of the cruiser. this will reduce the weight of the
    cruiser and improved the current design.

    There are other things on our list that we want to accomplish if time
    permits that is to redesign the bull bar and build a running board.

    our ambitious plan is to post daily updates on our rebuild.:clap:

    we want to thank ih8mud and the community for all your support. our
    journey started at ih8mud so we thought it would be appropriate for
    the first laser cut to be ih8mud mud flaps (see picture), we hope you join us over the next 14 days... enjoy.:bounce::bounce2:
    mud flap.jpg cab off.jpg pete.jpg
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  2. fernandol

    fernandol SILVER Star

    Miami, Fl
    Great Amado, keep the updates coming!

    sweeeeeet mud flaps :grinpimp::grinpimp:
  3. Day 3 of the build

    Day 3 of building: As expected we encountered the first challenge, we found rust in certain areas of the chassis. After a disappointing search for replacement parts we decided we would fabricate the parts, including reinforcement and extension of the chassis one foot. Tomorrow will be the beginning of our rebuilding process. I hope to get a picture of the state of the art equipment here as we rebuild the chassis.:bounce::bounce2:
    rust.jpg close up diss.jpg disassemble.jpg
  4. clarkrw3


    Tempe, AZ
    I will be following along....good luck.
  5. joshoisasleep


    Victoria, BC
    sweet overland build keep the pics coming!
  6. Oh yeah

    Keep the updates coming!!!
  7. day 4 of the build

    day 4: begin the process of fabrication to replace the rusted section of the chassis and building of the camper shell. We have decided to relocate the spare tire at the rear behind the rear differential, this is where the 40 gallon fuel tank was located. The exhilary fuel tank will be moved to the cab section under the passenger seat (will cover more of the fuel tank build later). Below are some pictures of laser cutting sections of the chassis. This section of the chassis will be made from 3/16 thick steel. Day 5 we continue the fabrication of the chassi.:bounce::bounce2:
    tire.jpg amada.jpg laser 2.jpg
  8. Cool. One suggestion: might have trouble accessing the spare if the vehicle is high-centered and/or the ass-end is sitting on the ground. Is good for lowering the center of gravity, though.

    Just a thought.:cheers:

  9. BlueHZT60


    Bend, OR
    2. build a fuel tank made of aluminum and relocate the fuel tank to
    the center of the cruiser. this will reduce the weight of the
    cruiser and improved the current design.

    When do you need it, and will an LR-60 series aux, 170L tank work. Located in parts rig in sourthern or Central Oregon -depending on where I put it down to rest.

    1. rebuild the camper shell so that it is completely made of aluminum.

    You will probably want to visit the Alaska Camper factory in Chehalis - way cool, as far as campers go.

  10. Day 5 of the build

    Thanks all for your encouraging comments and suggestions. we are almost done with the steel portion of the chassis. What remains are two diagonal gussets placed at 45 degrees will be added behind the spare tire, the diagonals will then connect to the bumper. We understand that creating a solid foundation for the camper shell is critical for the build, we think we now have a plan to do just that. our focus now will be the building of the aluminum portion of the camper shell which is every thing from the chassis forward. we plan to make much progress over this weekend. enjoy :bounce::bounce2:
    machine.jpg IMG_0152.jpg metal.jpg
  11. spare tire

    Thanks for the suggestion. We are creating a spare tire cavity with an access door from within the camper. We will keep you posted.:bounce::bounce2:

  12. Day 6 & 7 of the build

    Over the weekend we spent time engineering. We sat in front of a computer and designed the camper shell with all aluminum. We designed the entire bottom side of the shell of the camper. This morning we will cut on the laser with one piece of aluminum the lower portion of the camper shell. We are first on the lasers schedule. As you will see in the pictures below we made major progress in the design of the bed. This bed design inserts cross members into slots on the main stringers. The innovation here is incredible, using engineering used in other projects and then applied on our expedition cruiser. We have used lasers, 30 foot routers, water jet, press break, and of course welding. I was sent to a half day welding seminar at the beginning of the project for both aluminum and steel welding, using the 350p miller welding machine. I am not yet good at laying those dimes.

    Sunday we took the cruiser for a drive at “AJ’s Welding” Randy and Jim welded the flatbed.

    Pictured below is cutting a ½ inch aluminum on a 30 foot router, the flat bed design, and welding at AJ’s Welding. :bounce::bounce2:

    Today we will finish the lower portion of the chassis and engineer the design of the upper portion of the camper shell.
    amado.jpg slots.jpg bed.jpg
  13. Day 7 of the Build

    More pictures :bounce::bounce2:
    expresso.jpg randy.jpg bed.jpg
  14. sprale


    Looking good!
  15. joshoisasleep


    Victoria, BC
    wow intense build!
  16. hicruise55

    hicruise55 IH8MUD VOYEUR SILVER Star

    Wow! what an awsome undertaking! I cant belive I am so close to where this is being built, let me know it there is anything I can do? Would love to see this thing in person
  17. come by this saturday

    Thanks for your interest, we are working on it daily. If you want to stop by Saturday, would be a good day. go to LCNW - Laser Cutting NW we are in the router facility back building. :bounce::bounce2:
  18. day 8 of the build

    Much of Day 8 was learning how to weld aluminum. A welding instructor was brought in to give me training on aluminum welding. Learning how to weld aluminum is probably the most significant progress on this day. One hundred percent of the remaining build will be in aluminum.

    Pictured below is the progress we have made on the foundation of the camper shell. Today we will finish the final touches on the foundation, mount the floor and then begin the design and engineering of the upper camper shell. :bounce::bounce2:
    deck.jpg deck 2.jpg whell.jpg
  19. goneloco


    Why wouldn't you move the rear axle back a couple of feet? That is a long over hange... I would think the truck would ride that much smoother...

    Just wondering
  20. fernandol

    fernandol SILVER Star

    Miami, Fl
    Amado that thing's looking awesome:eek::eek::eek:

    I would agree with goneloco. You're doing so much to get the perfect rig that you should consider moving the rear axle back, it's not a very big deal on a truck like yours and I think the benefit would be huge.

    Too bad i'm so far away, would love to come by to lend a hand.

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