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Ag tractor tires

Discussion in '70-Series Tech' started by lshobie, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. lshobie

    lshobie GOLD Star

    Hi Guys,

    I am looking to run a set of tractor tires on my HZJ79, I'd like something 36-38 inches with a heavy ply rating. Anyone have any suggestions?? I use a 16 inch rim - widest I can get a 6.5 inches so it limits me - unless I cut and splice a band in. There is no other rim size that I can buy for it - unless I buy it in australia or switch to an 18 inch rim for the new tundra 5 bolt pattern - then tires are about 4-500 each.


  2. nickwood48


    How about some Non-dir military tires. Check out the 9.00-16, they are close to your specs at 35.5" tall and looks like a 6.5" rim should work.

    Non-Directional Military Tires - Specialty Tires of America

  3. lynchmob


    Portland OR - USA
    crushers has a set on his "tractor" 70 series. I dont recall if they are on skinny rims though.
  4. Tyres for rice crops are popular in mud racing here. They are availible for 16" split rims and measure 33"-35"(an 85 - 100 or more profile). Rice tyres are usually narrow with a 23' tractor type tread, with a wider than standard void between narrower lugs.
    Hope this helps.

  5. lshobie

    lshobie GOLD Star

    The michelin XZL's look good - they are military tires, 9.00-16LT's, 36 inches.
  6. Not sure what you intend to do with them, but for an off-road only toy, they take a grooving iron well. This helps them lose some weight as well. They are designed for something a little heavier than a 70srs of course.

    sorry - thinking of XML here- an ASLAV uses a 325/85R16- a big, stiff, boot, designed for an armoured vehicle, that will hold the thing up if some wheel stations are removed- just to give you an idea of how stiff they are.
    They are not bullet proof- no matter what you read on here.

    Last edited: Apr 22, 2008
  7. crushers

    crushers post ho SILVER Star

    Tara Ontario
    i have watched the XL in action and wasn't impressed.
    i run a 36" tractor tire for off road use and have impressed many with it's performance, i also groove the treads for added traction...

    for strickly off road use they are real hard to beat. i will be running these next weekend at the local UC run...

    oh, and i run them on stock LC 16" rims

  8. dslcruzr


    Victoria, BC, Canada
    I have some 11r16 XL's and I am fairly pleased with them. Long lasting, super tough and they dig like crazy. A little slidy on off camber situations. Siping would probably be a good idea, although I haven't yet.

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  9. jasonmt


    Edmonton/ Fort Mac.
    For the Goodyear/Titan AG tyres these are the first three that pop into my head:

    11.2-16 Dyna Torque II - 35.5" tall
    12.4-16 Sure Grip Traction - 36.9" tall
    12.5L-15 SL Sure Grip Traction - 33.3" tall

    Local SamToy running the 11.2-16 Dyna Torque II on 8" wheels:

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