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Acetone & diesel mix?????

Discussion in 'Diesel Tech and 24 volts Systems' started by 86HJ, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. 86HJ


    Anyone running acetone and diesel mix to increase fuel economy? Read on the net that it vaporises the fuel better. Any info would be great.
  2. cody c

    cody c SILVER Star

    reduces surface tension of diesel(finer spray particles) is why its supose to increase mileage. acetone also is supposed to clean out your engine but not be as harmful as alchol. i was running it in my bj60 and 87 f250 before i came to New Zealand. the trucks seemed to run with less a little less smoke, maybe a hair more power. i managed to get medical grade (laboratory testing) acetone and it was fairly expensive but you can google other products and info.

    on a side note my ford now has a hard first start (as if its not getting enough fuel) when i first turn it over. i dont know if this could be caused by the acetone, ill have to bring it to a diesel shop when i get back to calgary.
  3. brownbear

    brownbear Mod in Hibernation Moderator

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  4. Martin White

    Martin White

    Abbotsford, B.C.
    Research is one of my hobbies. I spent at least 20 hrs working on this, and could not find one shred of definitive proof it actually works. I think the most likely explanation for acetone having any positive effect on fuel economy is that it may do some cleaning of the fuel system. Mythbusters tested it on gas and it had no effect. Until someone can come up with some non anecdotal proof that it actually works, I think it's more fantasy than reality. Anecdotal miracle claims are worthless because no two drives are ever really the same.

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