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97 Camry V6 misfire

Discussion in 'Automobile Tech' started by Desertmaster, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. Desertmaster


    I own a 1997 Camry V6 with 260,000 miles, recently it has thrown an engine check light code (, P0300 Random misfire & P0303 misfire @ cylindar # 3) and the engine was hesitating at the time.

    I related the problem to a bad fuel as I ended up resetting the engine light and added Techron (injector cleaner) into the gas tank and within a mile the hesitation was gone and stayed so for 4000 miles.

    The issue re-surfaced again yesterday within 15 miles of filling up the gas tank, I did the same thing and the issue was gone, reset the light and I was good for about 60 miles untill this morning in which it came back again along with hesitation and I am suspecting a bad injector at cylindar # 3 specially that the wires, spark blugs are new (15,000 miles on them) and even after I swapped the coiles the issue perssited at the same cylindar.

    Any ideas what I should be looking into in order to trouble shoot this problem ??


  2. tehcruiser


    I would check for shorts in the wiring harness, or bad grounds. I ran into a similar problem on a honda civic, and it was a short in the wiring harness where it rubbed on a sharp corner.
    Otherwise I'd say a cam or crankshaft position sensor,..... but then the engine probably wouldn't run at all. Intermittent problems like that are a PITA!!! Good luck.
  3. grant5127


    I'd look toward the injector as you mentioned.... with 260K miles there's bound to be some deposits floating around........:beer:

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