40 Series Fluid Capacities

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    I have done a bunch of searching and discovered some of the other series had a thread dedicated to their fluid capacities as well as types of reccomended fluids for their vehicles. I may be mistaken but did not see that for the 40. So here is what I comiled from one of the "more useful" commercially available manuals:

    Engine Oil: 8.5 qts Weight specific to environment

    Axle Lube: 2.6 qts SAE 90 Weight

    Steering Gear: 0.6 qts SAE 90 Weight

    Power Steering: Dexron II (or newer) Automatic Transmission Fluid

    Coolant: F Engine 17.5 qts
    2F Engine 19 qts
    1978 19.9 qts
    1979 - 1982 16.9 qts

    Fuel: 18.5 Gallons (pre 09/73)
    16.4 Gallons (09/73-12/78)
    22.0 Gallons 01/79 and later
    Clutch: Dot 3 or SAE J1703

    Brakes: Dot 3 or SAE J1703

    Transmission: All SAE 90 Weight
    Three Speed: 3.6 Pints
    Four Speed: 6.6 Pints
    Transfer Case: 3.6 Pints
    Transfer Casew/ PTO: 4.4 Pints
    PTO Winch: 1.2 Pints

    As with some of my other posts, these are publsihed and not my own idea so don't punish the messenger if you feel they are wrong. I also did not recommend a weight on the engine oil (for obvious reasons) or a type of coolant (I just know Dexcool should be avoided). Any input on coolant or oils for a specific climate or set up could be
    useful here.

    I also beg that any of the other threads on capacities and oil/fluid debates get linked to this for FAQ. I think we would all find those useful in one place.

    Here is a Tranny fluid discussion ...>LINK<
    And an Engine Oil discussion ...>LINK<
    Synthetic brake fluid discussion ...>LINK<
    Red V. Green Coolant Discussion...>LINK<
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    I'm thinking the gas tank in 79+ 40's is 22 gallons???
  4. Sea Knight

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    I believe you're correct. In some manuals the 79+ FJ-40 fuel capacity is listed as 21.7 gallons and in others it says 22 gallons. I've pumped 21.5 gallons into my '82 after driving on empty for longer than I should. :rolleyes:
  5. My 1980 BJ40's tank holds 23 gallons, if you include filling it up to the top of the fueling spout with diesel.:D
  6. Hugh Heifer

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    Weird. I copied all these out of the manual :meh:
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    I can't find my "official" FJ40 Owners Manual, but FWIW Cool Cruisers sells replacement OEM Toyota fuel tanks and their catalog lists the fuel capacity of 1/'79-->'83 FJ40 tanks as 22.4 gallons.

    Gas Tanks
  8. Holdengemini


    40 series rear diff axle capacity

    Hello All!

    Just curious as the the rear axle fluid capacity of my 1974 FJ45.

    I know my manual says 2.6qts - As im an aussie 2.5Lts.....

    I have had some resistance from a friends dad telling me this is wrong....

    He is under the impression that the fluid level in all diff are measured to the bottom of the filler plug in the housing.

    If this is "correct" the rear diff axle capacity would be 3.6qts - 3.5lts....

    I'm confused what to believe as he is adiment that you always fill a diff to just below the filler plug........

    Could you guys please set me straight!!!!!

    Cheers Jeremy.....
  9. FeralBrown


    Hanging Rock, NSW, AU
    I'd also like an answer to Jeremy's question, if anyone has it...
    Might be an Aussie thing to just fill to plug level, but I've heard that a lot lately, too...
  10. 1973barnfind


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    okay, so what harm could be done if you fill up to the fill plug 'till 90 wt pours back out?
  11. skidplate


    I think that's how most of us do it. just leave the plug out for a few minutes and let it kinda level out.

  12. Mechnizer


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    I'm a 30 year Mechanic, All the shops I have worked for and all the mechanics I have worked with have always filled diffs, Manual trans and t/c's until the the oil drains out the fill, letting it stop drooling and then capping it.

    Conclusion would be that the Manufacture is required to state something to capacity.
    I have never had any damage done to my rigs doing it to the drain out method.

    Although if you where to over fill any unit beyond this drain method the oil will be subject to churning by the components inside and the oil would eventually be full of air homogenized !
    Seals and bearings would also be subject to failure .
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