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32"-11.50x15 on stock steel rims (5.5" width)?

Discussion in 'Tire and Wheel Tech' started by dachoppa, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. dachoppa

    dachoppa Regular Member

    I am looking at buying a set of used 32x11.5x15 Goodyear MT/R's, already mounted on wagon wheels. Owner uses them now. on his FJ40.

    They will be also used on my FJ40 (1975 model)

    I can and will use them is, as is, mounted as they are. For now.

    But was wondering as I got a nice set of stock 5.5" wide steelie rims, if it would be advisable to mount this width and size tire on the stock rim?

    I just like the look of the stock rim and hubcap.

    Any issues? I see lots of arguments for and against it. I have seen pictures of larger diameter tires, up to 33" and wider, up to 12.5 mounted on the stock rims.

    Can it be done "Safely"? Whats the impact, like does the tire tread profile, or contact to ground become less, more rounded profile?

  2. skidplate

    skidplate New Member

    I ran that size on my '75 with stock steelies for over a year with no problems. I'm sure they are too large and most shops will not mount them. I took just the tires and wheels to my local yokal tire shop and told them they were for an old utility trailer and they mounted them. I've since got 31/10.50/15 which are a much nicer fit. Here's a pic of the 32's

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  3. se2000

    se2000 New Member

    Don't do it. Get some wide steelies if you like that look.
  4. 40's rock

    40's rock SILVER Star

    on 6.5 steel...these pics were taken aired down

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