For Sale: 1986 Toyota Pickup SR5 Turbo X-Cab 4WD Glassworks Baja Kit $3800

Discussion in 'Other Vehicles' started by mk1spyder, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. mk1spyder


    Name: Mitchell Crist
    Location: Asheville NC
    Phone: 828-674-2756
    Price: $3800obo

    1986 Toyota Turbo Pickup X-Cab Automatic 4WD. This truck came loaded with all the options. Power windows, power locks, automatic tranny, Turbo bucket seats, rear deck light etc... Came to me with a cracked head and no turbo, bed was rusted pretty bad. Rebuilt the engine with a kit from LC engineering and off she goes. Heres a list of what its got.
    LC engineering turbo head
    Cometic metal headgasket
    Keith Black Pistons
    CT-26 Turbo Upgrade
    95' RX-7 Twin Turbo intercooler
    2.5" intercooler piping with 4 ply silicone couplers and T-bolt clamps
    Engnbldr 261 degree cam
    Engnbldr performance valve springs
    Engnbldr O/S stainless steel valves
    Shotpeened rods
    Polished crank
    Bored .040 over
    Steel guide timing chain kit
    OEM Toyota water pump
    OEM Toyota oil pump
    100 amp alternator
    Welded turbo manifold
    New cap, rotor, wires, and heat range 7 NGK plugs
    New fuel filter
    OEM Toyota fuel pump
    SS braided -10an fuel line from the tank to the filter
    Redline synthetic fluids in front and rear differential
    Auto tranny fluid flush and filter change
    Glassworks Unlimited fiberglass fenders, hood, bedsides and cowl panel.
    Bedliner interior floor and bed
    Marlin crawler rear bumper
    Trail gear front bumper
    Manual locking hubs
    New rear brakes

    The truck is covered in black primer to protect the fiberglass, paint it whatever color you want. The seats are in good shape, they are sooo comfortable and very rare. The truck fires right up quicker than most new cars and runs like a champ. Needs to be tuned with a wideband to get the maximum power out of it but it runs great. Solid oil pressure, runs cool. Doesn't smoke at all, does have a small oil leak at the top of the timing cover. Transmission shifts great and no noises from the brakes or diffs. 4wd works great too and it does have the manual locking hubs thank god. The fiberglass is all on there solid as hell, you can sit on anyone one of them including the hood. This truck sounds badass with the open dump turbo, and it is in my opinion the best looking toyota truck i've ever seen in person. It could use a set of wider offset wheels and bigger tires but as you can see in the pics i'm building a house and can't keep putting money into it. It needs to goto someone that will keep building it and make it even more badass, all the hard stuff is already done for you, its ready for some fun easy bolt-ons. If you have any questions feel free to give me a call at 828-674-2756.

  2. Arya Ebrahimi

    Arya Ebrahimi SILVER Star

    Rockville, MD
    PMed you.
  3. mk1spyder


    bumpage, still for sale.
  4. rockbender


    Acton, CA
    IF it was stock body My bro would buy it. Bump for a rare toy

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