1980 OEM Power Steering Box Rebuild

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    Since the son has been home for a summer job, the 40 has become my DD. So things that were just a nusance for tail use, has become a little more important. I have had the 40 for about 8 years, I am on my 3rd relay rod, the rig has always been a handful with "flighty" steering, and the steering gear box and the whole driver's side of the frame under it, is incased in about 3" of goo. Sitting at a traffic light, I can turn the steering wheel just till the front tire starts to twitch, wait a minute, turn the steering wheel more till the front tire starts to twitch, wait a few seconds, turn the streering wheel some more . . . . . . and so it goes during the entire red light. Before I finish this game, I have turned the steering wheel about 180 degrees, and I still leave the intersection going straight !!!

    TRE's have been replaced during the course of replacing the relay rod, center arm and drag link are all reasonalbly tight. (no dicernable movement at the pitman arm end of the drag link and only the slightest flex at the center arm end of the drag link)

    Did a little search and found a few links to OEM Power steering rebuilds, but mostly manual streering boxes.

    A few questions:
    Seems to me with these symptoms and the work already done I need to rebuild the steeering box. Any other ideas?

    What exactly is the complete Toyota parts list/part numbers for this project?

    Can anybody confrim that rebuild kits for other models of the same era are complete and transfer accross to the land cruiser?

    Since this is my DD, and I am an idiot accountant, about how much time should I plan on for a complete rebuild ?

    and most importantantly, any step by step instructions for the power steering box rebuild with lots of pic's?
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    sounds like you need to stop driving this rig and get this situation fixed before you crash.

    the 40 PS box is basicaly the same as a mini truck PS box,
  3. aktundra


    A friend was running out of room in his driveway, offered to let me drive his 280Z for the summer. Called him back after my little game at the stop light yesterday !!!!
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    I bought a P/S gasket and O-Ring set from SOR when did resto but decided to not do which now I wish I had for it is leaking a little so I plan on doing eventually one day, and figured once I get it opened up I can replace bearings as well. I did however replace the bearings in the steering column? Not much help I know but I too would like to see a rebuild thread on an OEM P/S box.

  5. aktundra


    Looks like I have the OEM rebuild kit on the way.

    04445-35011 GASKET KIT Power stearing gear box gasket kit

    However i understand it is only gaskets, seems to me there may be other "wear items". Any other parts I should have ready before I take the 40 "off line"?
  6. Pin_Head


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    Leave the power piston on the worm gear and do not remove the ball bearings. Trust me on this one.

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