For Sale: 1967 m416 trailer for sale (tempe, arizona)

Discussion in 'Trailers | Campers | RVs' started by rstoddard, Jan 1, 2011.

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  1. rstoddard


    SOLD 1-5-2011 1967 M-416 Military Trailer for Sale (Arizona). $1,500.00 OBO. The trailer was a frame up restoration, completely sandblasted, heavy epoxy primer and painted using military pain in the NATO “Blob” pattern. ALL ORIGINAL PARTS, including original military blackout lights, parking brake and data plates. Barely worn tires and new wheel bearings. Body is original, with no rework done. Interior is painted with a non-skid, rubberized coating (Herculiner). Includes extra parts, manuals, heavty canvas cover, pintle hook receiver, military electical connection with 4-way tariler light adapter. Located in Tempe, AZ. Call Ron at 480-838-6715.
    M416 002.jpg M416 003.jpg M416 005.jpg
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  2. rhyary

    rhyary SILVER Star

    Albany, NY
    PMed you
  3. cbmontgo

    cbmontgo SILVER Star

    Very nice.
  4. heaterupc


    Look great!!! If still available give me a call. I am out in Gilbert. 602-284-7655.

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