1967 fj40 heater hose layout/assembly?

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    1967 fj40 heater hose layout/assembly? No schematics??

    Im putting my heater back in now that its getting cold and is one of the next things on the list for this FJ. So I've got some pictures below to help show what I have and what's already currently going on. There are really no good schematics anywhere that I can find covering this...

    It seems the PO connected one single hose from the valve on the rear of the head directly to the lower radiator hose, for some reason. Im not sure why or what it does for it. Anyway, I feel like the head valve needs to connect via hose to the heater valve and then through the firewall and into the heater core. Then the other hose needs to come back out from the heater, to the other Y and back through the firewall to tie in directly with the lower rad hose. Is that about right?

    Aside from that, a couple last things about it are:
    This is a '76 2F engine in it.
    The valve on the head does not have a turning 'on/off' knob of any sort I can see.
    I don't have a rear heater so both Y's are already plugged on one end.
    Im not all that sure how the heater valve piece itself hooks up to operate via the pull knob cable.

    Hoping you guys can help. Thanks as always.



    Parts not installed
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    lower hose to heater inlet , upper hose to heater outlet.
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    Yes, there is supposed to be a valve in the system. If you're not going for resto, you can put it wherever you want. #1 question is whether you want to have something that is cable operated from inside the cab, or manual.

    If you're going manual, you really can't beat a simple hardware store ball valve. Put it inline wherever you want. Because of it's weight, I think I'd want to mount it close enough to the firewall to create some support for it, regardless. The apex where the return line crosses over the valve cover might be a good place, providing you can still get the valve cover off!:hmm:


    Mark A.
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    Thanks Mark. Well Ive got the original valve, as far as i know, in the picture on the ground. I guess, should i cut the long hose that is currently connecting the lower rad to the head and reroute each separate end to the heater assembly through the Y's etc...simple as that?

    If so, ill do that and post a pic of the heater valve afterward and see if ill need help connecting cable activated valve.

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